Play Synopsis

Katkon Trikon is yet another play from the writer director combination of Vivek Bele - Girish Joshi after Makadachya Hati Champagne. This Play deals with a modern social problem. The universal predicament of ‘generation gap’ is handled in a novel manner. The treatment is shocking but hits the bull’s eye.

This play documents the happenings in the life of a small family comprising Aaba - father, Rahul – Son – a lawyer, and daughter-in-law – Bhakti who is a Maths professor. The father is retired. As is wont, there are problems between the Aaba and Bhakti. Bhakti explains the problem of this triangular structure of the family, in a logical mathematical manner to Rahul, with the help of various angles and triangles. She convinces him how she is right, and draws the future unavoidable roadmap of separation.

The play takes a sudden turn because of an unexpected event in the house. The fundamental differences between Aaba and Bhakti are then highlighted. The stress in relationships, the changing perceptions about each other and the bitterness that can threaten to disrupt lives is brought out.

The Police Inspector who comes in to inquire and investigate the unexpected event says he hates the law and the entire legal & judicial system. However he performs his duty as a Police Officer very diligently. He goes about his job to find out exactly what had happened in a cynical, humorous but sometimes threatening way. Having collected the adequate data, he examines all the possibilities and proves his conclusions with perfect logic.

While going about his duty in this unusual way, he throws light on the life of a lonely old man and the perceptual differences between the Young Generation & Generation +

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Production : Maharashtra Cultural Center, Pune
Writer : Vivek Bele
Director : Girish Joshi.
Set : Girish Joshi
Lights : Anil takalkar
Music : Aashish Mujumdar